Thursday, September 8, 2011

I love me some men...

Men inspired outfits of course!  This season menswear is back with a bang and I will be partaking.  Finally, I can embrace my love for slightly baggy sweaters, old man sweaters, oxford shirt dresses, chunky watches, and my absolute fave- suit jackets!  I love the look of suit jackets over a cute graphic tee with a killer jean/shoe combo.  Full tailored suit-yep like those to; especially in a nice charcoal gray color with a baby fine pinstripe.  Takes me back to my mock trial days.  That and hotties in suits; ever heard the line- I like my men in suits: business, bathing, birthday.  No? Well if not, best believe that's how I like my men haha I'm only half kidding!  I rock sweats harder than most people & I appreciate that my guy can too but if he rocks a suit - please and thank you. 

3 Piece suit- Money! The show suits- amazing.
What is my closet missing that I must have?  A white suit vest or waistcoat (if your from the UK).  Vests are great!  Put them over a fun dress or pair it with jeans and a shirt; it's pretty versatile believe or not!  Black and gray..mahh boring!  White is the way to go, need a chic looking outfit for a dinner with a client. No problem, grab your white vest with black shoes and slacks- got yourself a classic black and white number.  You would think at how popular menswear is right now, you'd be able to find a classic women's fitted vest.  Nope, can find about any other damn color, with or without fur even (gag- sorry not my thing.  Not because I'm a PETA person but because I think I look ridiculous in fur. just saying!) White?  Nowhere to be found & if you do, definitely not in home-girl's size or its not flattering at all, or its like $200.  What to do, what to do? 

I'll most definitely be rocking this combo!  a hoodie and a suit jacket?!? Is this heaven?

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