Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I know what you are thinking, it's the end of January and this fool is now just starting her resolutions.  Yep!  Here's the thing, I really view Easter as the new year.  It's weird I know but for me Easter has always meant new life, new beginnings, close to my birthday so literally a new year of life for me..boo ya!  I also like to take the month of January and really think about some goals or resolutions I'd like to accomplish or work towards in the coming year. After I've thought of some good resolutions, I write them down, post them where I can see them, and then I start around the 1st of February.  Some are kinda silly, some will be a very big challenge but I'm excited about it!  A little challenge here and there is good, makes you a stronger person. 

In this coming year, I'd like to...(in no particular order)

  1. wear my retainer every single night!
  2. learn more about the family business
  3. increase my knowledge on hobbies my family does
  4. move onto bigger and better things or ideas...don't stop dreaming
  5. complete the Certificate of Public Health Sciences with stellar grades
  6. get accepted into the full Master of Public Health program
  7. be okay with the idea that "normal" is different for everyone & truly accept my limitations
  8. find some sort of job, take another course, or volunteer in more diverse areas
  9. tattoo Believe on my left rib cage with my brother while he gets his rib piece
  10. decide between Physician Assistant School and Medical School and just go for it
  11. be more open with people, put myself out there more
  12. update my blog more regularly
Here is my list of things I'd like to accomplish this year, if I hit the mark on all of them great, if I don't no worries.  Always got next year! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

How easy it is to forget...

I'll admit it; I slipped up on the fitness aspect of my life.  I got sucked into the holidays, finals craziness, being sick, and traveling which meant working out was.not.a.priority.  I regret this decision.  Why? I gained a few lbs. I forgot how much work getting back into shape was (not that I was in shape to begin with haha).  Most importantly, I forgot my pain that is associated with exercising and getting into shape.  I forgot that lovely depression stage in the cycle of chronic pain, that you feel wicked depressed but you aren't sure why.  Let me tell you something...I remember now.

This past week has been a struggle, filled with pain, a few tears (hate to admit that one!), sleeping more than is appropriate, slight isolation, and transitions.  I can't change the constant battle I have with my body and while my body is slowly resetting itself to once again handle the stress I put it under to be active and live my life; I will be resetting my way of thinking.  It's gunna be a slow process folks but as a dear friend told me, "You can't keep giving up on yourself and your body when you feel defeated or get owned by something... You have to keep believing in yourself and trying different things."

One day at a time...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Taking a Bath

I really enjoy taking a shower; showering is super relaxing and a great stress reducer.  No joke, I could end every single day with a shower.  I have been known to shower at 2 or 3 in the morning, all the crappy things about the day wash away & you can be so fresh, so clean, clean before going to bed!

Taking a bath on the other, stresses.me.out.  When I told this to my mom, she laughed at me and said, "That's funny because you used to love bathes so you could play in the water."  Well Mommadukes, times have changed.

Reasons why it stresses me out:
  1. You are sitting in your own filth! You bathe to get clean not get more dirty.duh.
  2. I'm too tall for standard tubs!
  3. Water gets cold
  4. I get cold
  5. Don't get an ounce of relaxation, only anxiety
  6. Hello instant bacterial growth
  7. Soap scum left on your skin?  Um, I'll pass thanks.

I wish I could enjoy taking a bath like a majority of the population; reading a book, being surrounded by candles, listening to music, I just can't.  Hot tubes, yeah I can get down on that.  I mean you are wearing a bathing suit, fully sunk in water, have chemicals, and super hot water-chances are you'll get too hot instead of cold. 

Does the thought of taking a bath completely freak anyone else out?  

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

This past weekend my best friend from high school got married in a beautiful evening ceremony; she looked gorgeous and beyond happy.  Of course, me being me never experiences a dull moment when I come home to visit.  For starters, my car was getting a tune up and wasn't finished.  Although we have a lot of other things I could drive they were occupied.  So how did I get to my friends wedding dressed in my wedding best...my dad's diesel work pickup. Haha That thing was no easy task getting in and out in a skirt let me tell you, but it got me to my friend's big day and I'm very thankful it did!!

I had the privilege to help her and her family decorate the reception on Thursday morning and even had lunch with them!  The wedding was an elegant snow flake, emerald green theme.  The center pieces were simplistic, beautiful, and something you would see on Pinterest- simply stunning!  I had such a great time at her wedding; it was great to see old friends and meet Erin's friends from college.  I would definitely relive that night- I love weddings!  I have the most beautiful friends a girl could ask for (on the inside and out) and enjoy spending time with them when I'm home!