Monday, January 2, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

This past weekend my best friend from high school got married in a beautiful evening ceremony; she looked gorgeous and beyond happy.  Of course, me being me never experiences a dull moment when I come home to visit.  For starters, my car was getting a tune up and wasn't finished.  Although we have a lot of other things I could drive they were occupied.  So how did I get to my friends wedding dressed in my wedding dad's diesel work pickup. Haha That thing was no easy task getting in and out in a skirt let me tell you, but it got me to my friend's big day and I'm very thankful it did!!

I had the privilege to help her and her family decorate the reception on Thursday morning and even had lunch with them!  The wedding was an elegant snow flake, emerald green theme.  The center pieces were simplistic, beautiful, and something you would see on Pinterest- simply stunning!  I had such a great time at her wedding; it was great to see old friends and meet Erin's friends from college.  I would definitely relive that night- I love weddings!  I have the most beautiful friends a girl could ask for (on the inside and out) and enjoy spending time with them when I'm home! 


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