Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm back!

No, I didn't die, fall of the face of the Earth, it was just simply the end of the semester and blogging (among other things) got put well on the back burner.  Due to my absence, the next few days will be filled with posts, updates, fun tidbits, you know the usual. 

SO much has happened this past month, so grab your seat and lets ride this rollercoaster!

  • Thanksgiving treated me well, it was very refreshing to have a few days to hang out with my mom, go shopping, lounge around, showers were optional, oh and recover from food poisoning.  Ha read more about my epic adventures this past month in an upcoming post! 

  • I attended my Godson/nephew's 1st birthday party!  I can't believe how much he has changed and developed since June.  Going to Hayden's birthday made me realize a few things:
    • Best pre-finals trip ever; might have to become an annual thing...I mean I did get straight A's!
    • Little kids are pools of disease, cute as hell but full of germs....or maybe it was my brother...either way I know those 15 other kids had to be hiding something! ;)
    • Hayden loves me, is hopefully starting to recognize me smiles and laughs at me.  I appreciate his affection
    • Can't wait for him to get even bigger so we can go to the park next door
    • He proved me wrong.  I always believed some tall, dark, handsome man would win my heart. Nope, turns out it was a cutie with bright blonde hair and an infectious laugh.
    • Grandchildren really do bring families together...
  •   Few of my best friends are CSU graduates, got rocked by exams, give great boosts to your confidence, and will be there no matter what
  • I discovered the true love of Pinterest
  • Had another epic adventure with food, allergies, sickness
  • Saw a new chiropractor and skipped the gym more times than I went (epic fail)
  • Started my application for the full masters of public health program- SO STRESSFUL! AH
  • Drove home to Iowa
Like I said, a lot happened this past 4-5 weeks and I am so excited to expand on some of the bigger moments!

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