Monday, March 28, 2011

Free as a bird?

Do you ever have the feeling that no matter what you do, no matter what you say there will always be those people in your life that have control over you.  Ah I hate that!  The worst part, you try to take that control back and you can't- why because its unconscious in a way.  Prime example your parents-God love them- but no matter how old you get; there is a certain degree of control they still have over you.  To a certain extent you are always seeking your parents approval or acceptance.

This leads me to my next thought: does a person really become free as bird?  Do people ever reach a full state of free- being who they are, when they want to be, make decisions based completely on themselves, pick up their lives and start over.  Do people really get to fly through life, without a care in the world; not being hindered by the troubles of others, the acceptance of loved ones-and truly leaving things in the past.

I would love to think to a certain degree we all reach that point in our life.  At the same time, I would be interested to see how many people feel tied down because of family expectations, your first love, being scared, and wanting to be perfect. I personally have a problem with this!  Shocker, I know.  Honestly, it's hard not to be some what tied down by those you love or things occurring around you.

At some point, you have to pick and choose which things will influence your decisions.  But wouldn't it be nice if some unnecessary chains would be lifted so you could soar, reaching great heights, move toward something better, challenging, and maybe even life altering...ahhh in a perfect world. :P

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh, The Gym...

I'm currently training for my 1st half marathon!  I am running in San Diego on June 5th in the memory of my grandmother and all of those who are currently fighting their battle with cancer.  I decided to take part in Team in Training through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, through this organization I have to raise money in order to take part in the event; more than 75% of the money raised/donated goes to patients care and research!  Because of this I spend a relatively large amount of time in the gym-let me tell you something...creatures. There are creatures at the gym, definite prime people watching!

When I usually go to the gym, I typically look like death, after a long day of class and work might have make up on- might not; really it all depends on the day/time.  This is not the case for everyone!  Lately, I've been seeing lots of girls who are semi orange (really tanning beds and self tanner/spray tans have come a long way- why, why are you orange?? Have you eaten a vat of carrots and they turned you orange??(Magic School bus example anyone?) WHY??)  Anyway, so you have these ity bitty girls who are orange, booty spandex shorts, shirts that cover there shorts so it looks like they don't have anything on! and my favorite- full makeup and hair.  Really, it is 9 in the morning. I HIGHLY doubt that you had 8am class then came to the gym on your break then go to class all sweaty and gross.. Pa-lease; homegirl you are not fooling anybody, we all know you got ready to go to the gym.  Ha the other day I even saw a girl in cropped tights (panty hose style tights) with tight short shorts on.  Again, really, I don't get it.  Does it cut down on the chafing? Do you feel more sucked in, is it like pseudo spandex??

Guys aren't much better either.  Now, they may not dress up to the 9's to go to the gym but their actions kill me!  I like to work out at night, which causes the full wall of windows to become like a smooth continuous mirror!! Oh man, haha most of the guys at the gym don't believe you can see them checking you out on the treadmill or watching your booty- we can.  Does this bother me, sort of?  Not my favorite place to get hit on or check out because like I said I usually look like death and really just tryin to get my workout in, yet again, props to me cuz you looked even under those conditions. Point to me!  haha The other thing that kills me about guys at the gym is how they flex there muscles or lift there shirts up to see if the lifts or ab workout they just did has shown- carefully sculpting themselves to look like someone carved them outta stone.  Seriously, ah pretty sure it doesn't show up right away- just saying!

Does anyone else have a great gym story or love to people watch at the gym?