Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ladies be Pimps Too

I think Katt Williams said it best, "I'm not a pimp because I put women on the streets; I think pimp and therefore I am."

Here's the thing: what qualifies you as a pimp?  Personally, there are so many dimensions of pimping.  For example, you talk to my roommate she'll say I'm a pimp/man eater.  This may or may not be true but the fact of the matter is this: I'm nice and it can be taken the wrong way.  OR I look out for my star f-ing player.  Does this sometimes get me into trouble, yeah probably. 

Honestly though, pimp decisions that's what it comes down.  Getting 3 months of a prescription for the price of 1- ah duh- why wouldn't you do that!  Sometimes I feel women forget that they can be a pimp too!  You don't have to put women on the street to do it, you don't have to lead people on, all you really gotta do...own everything you do and look out for yourself.  If you don't look out for yourself- that's when you get played whether it's by some dumb ass guy or life or karma.  You gotta find that homie hook up and use it to the fullest.  That or really just charm the pants off people or kill them with kindness. Happy Pimpin'

Lazy Saturday?

As most of you know I'm not much of a sleeper-some days are better than others.  Tonight is not one of those nights, yet then again I got to witness a small piece of magic that you'd normally sleep through.
Here's how the day went: completed FASFA, gym, brunch with a friend, volunteer for 5ish hours, watched t.v/worked on some homework with some of my besties, came home did laundry, cleaned my room, and organized the fridge, picked up another bestie up from the bar and now here I sit. You think I'd be tired, then again I'm a mutant. 

The only good thing about this whole situation is this: the sky tonight is the clearest its been in a while.  Victory! I think so-there's something so peaceful and reassuring about the night sky-granted it doesn't compare to the Midwest sky (thanks, light pollution!) but I'll take what I can get. 

What would you do if you couldn't sleep for a majority of your life?  Be a genius and study all the time, get a 24 hr membership to a gym?  Hook a girl up, kinda getting bored with my current situation.  I mean you can't clean when your entire household is sleeping-my roomies love their sleep and would prolly shank me.  Just saying.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Professor/Student Relationships...

Okay, so I got thinking today, when do you cross the line of friendly professionalism into the uncharted waters of knowing or remembering too much?

I like to get to know my professors, I enjoy their stories (how absurd they are), I research and ask around about specific teachers before signing up for their class. Why do I do this: I hate uncertainty, most people at this point are thinking-she is out of her mind. Does she realize that life is uncertain and you can't plan every detail? Yeah I do, however if I can get ahead in my class by understanding what makes my teacher function or get to know them on a personal level so they help me out in life, you bet I'll do it.
Here's where my question starts to form, is there a point in a professor/student relationship when its gone to far.  Do they invite you over to watch Sunday's football game to talk research-HA if this shit actually occurred I'd be shocked.  However, I have heard of a few cases of profs giving their students perks or kick backs that they couldn't use!  Shocking- I want my teacher or advisor to hook me up with some steak knifes, vacations, athletic tickets that they get from book publishers trying to persuade them to only use their company.  Hasn't that jumped over some imaginary line of inappropriate?  Or when a student starts dating a GTA (graduate teaching assistant) and they eventually become husband and wife.  Pretty sure, that's unethical.  You can't possible tell me that when you are preparing for an exam or quiz you aren't going to give your lover a heads up on what to focus on or grade differently on their work.  I would bet my left foot that they help them out.  I would love to use my Jedi master skills and prove to you this has happened, maybe even in my own department. 

Is remembering your professor's favorite drink & bringing it to office hours out of line?  Does that fall in the category of kindness and thanks for the help or straight up brown nosing?  Personally, I don't see why it would be wrong to kill people with kindness and show them you appreciate them taking the time to help you out-oh and actually do their job, teach?  Professors are just like us, they need a reinforcer or a motivator to continue doing positive desirable actions.  I say as long as you don't try to date these people, don't have an affair, don't sleep with them for a grade, I don't see a problem going in chit chatting it up, getting to know your teachers.  Why?  Because one day you will need them to write you a letter of recommendation, or a be reference for a job, or you have a small mini academic crisis & they pull through for you.         

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Karma, does this even exist.  Bad mouth someone, you slip and fail in front of a hottie-instant karma.  Most people are familiar with the concept of karma, now here is the real question, what happened to the good people trying to make a difference that constantly get crapped on by karma and life.

Now logically you think, hmm okay what did they actually do to do deserve this, there has to be a reason right?  In my opinion, no,not never.  Sometimes bad shit happens to really good people.  Myself, in most cases fall into this category-now I'm not saying that I don't ever have a snide comment or glare but for the most part I harnish that chee. (spelling?)

For example, I tried to be on top of my application game, talking to all the right people and guess what..the computer decided it didn't like me and started rejecting my professors submissions.  Are ya kidding me?!  It is the age of computers, how is the system just going to reject submissions and then assume it's my fault? 

Has anyone else experience a slap on the face from karma when they felt they had it all under control or in check?


Who loves sweat pants...this girl.  Not only do I identify myself as a complete sweatpant/hoodie queen, ranging from dress, weekend, spring weather, warm sweats or ah this make my booty looks good sweats.  I have them all.  I'd have to say however, my all time favorites the baggy boyfriend fit from Victoria Secret.  I'm a total addict, my friends had an  Now, some people feel the prettiest in jeans or a formal dress not me- minimal make up and slightly baggy sweats is all I need.  It is an honest form of beauty, I'm not trying to trick you, for once in my life I'm not playing with smoke and mirrors- no illusions necessary.

The funny thing about this ordeal is this. I like really love the concept of fashion and sky high heels then again I don't care to partake in those events daily. Let's be honest for a second, looking top notch takes time and is semi more expensive because fashion is a continually changing.  Last year you had to have these boho chic tops, this year more tailored men's ware, next year it will probably something ridiculous but somehow explodes into a global in point. Leggings.

I thought I'd never go back to leggings, you see young grasshopper, I rocked those leggings as a small child don't believe me- ask my family if it wasn't leggings, it was track suits (can you see a pattern forming?)  Now, I'm curvy; one would expect curvy girls to not wear spandex or super tight pants.  I never thought I could pull this look off until I went abroad to Ireland, virtually everyone wore leggings and owned it.  I don't know why I didn't think of wearing leggings before- they are like sweats or yoga pants rather but you can wear them to nice functions and its totally okay.  Most people think you look stunning with your boots, sweater or longer shirts, and leggings. 

Case in point: I love me some baggy, ridiculously comfy sweatpants/hoodies but don't be surprised if you see me rocking 5 inch heels, colored tights and a dress.  Fashion is suppose to be fun, I gotta partake a little!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 words: Sticky Fingers

Growing up as a child do you remember when you had pancakes or waffles, hands covered in syrup, and in an effort not to spread the sticky goo throughout the house or all over your church clothes, your mom told you to put your hands together like praying hands or straight out in front of you.  Well if not, my mother certainly did.  You see, she has a problem with sticky fingers.  She also has passed this lovely trait down to me..I hate when my hands become sticky...stresses me out.  Forget about eating ribs, bbq underneath your nails. smh, no thanks! 

Just think about it, you got goo on your hands, you touch the table, the tv remote, and the door handle, this is nearly impossible to get rid of especially if you don't notice it right away.  If you let that stuff dry, for get about it, you're done for!  It will be there for at least a week unless you use a hot water bath on that location, Clorox wipes aren't gunna do the trick. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who am I?

Who am I?  Well isn't that the million dollar question!  I'm a small town kid that always had dreams bigger than herself? Maybe, this is what I know so far--I am a senior at Colorado State University, studying health and exercise science; I want to work with cancer when I'm an real person adult.  I'm not really sure what avenue that means I'll take but I'm sure it will either be in the way of a doctor or physician assistant. To say that I'm type A would be- well- an understatement.  I've often been told to relax, calm down, its going to be okay.  Let's be honest- I have some OCD and ADHD tendencies but don't most Americans....I always wanted to be "normal" hahah but for real I'm a perfectionist to the max who loves people and my family. 

I'm the baby of my family, I'll never admit it to their faces but I want to be the best part (in my opinion) of each of them.  So here's what my family got that I didn't.  I would love my dad's work ethic, my oldest brother's drive and determination to achieve his goals, my brother's sheer genius (really I don't understand how he knows everything-didn't study it-it's just always been in his brain!?) and his 100% laid back attitude.  I want to be half as beautiful as my mom- not just physically but her heart never stops giving.  My grandparents, they built a small empire and traveled the world. 

All in all - I'm just a kid- trying to figure it all out.  Some days I go down the right path others I might as well be that 4 year old who wondered out in the corn field and got lost.  But isn't that really what life is- checks and balances- love and loss- (failure really isn't in my vocab soooo) success and defeat- school and life - asking for help- and discovering yourself along the way?

Hello World!

Hello Party People!

Welcome to my very own blog, why did I start a blogging.  The answer is simple very simple...I have A LOT to say and i don't really sleep so what else is there to do at 3 am!  I could study or blog-I think blogging is a better option.  Now some people will prolly try and say that I started blogging to be like my brother.  Lets get this straight right off the bat. My brother is a blogger, he does giveaways (I'm poor so for a while or indefinitely this won't occur), he's sponsored by a company, wins awards, and has a second family a network of people throughout the US.  This for me is purely an outlet.  A way for me to share with you what I did or saw throughout my day that I thought was amusing or to share a part of my crazy life or and probably the real reason to ramble! ha