Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who am I?

Who am I?  Well isn't that the million dollar question!  I'm a small town kid that always had dreams bigger than herself? Maybe, this is what I know so far--I am a senior at Colorado State University, studying health and exercise science; I want to work with cancer when I'm an real person adult.  I'm not really sure what avenue that means I'll take but I'm sure it will either be in the way of a doctor or physician assistant. To say that I'm type A would be- well- an understatement.  I've often been told to relax, calm down, its going to be okay.  Let's be honest- I have some OCD and ADHD tendencies but don't most Americans....I always wanted to be "normal" hahah but for real I'm a perfectionist to the max who loves people and my family. 

I'm the baby of my family, I'll never admit it to their faces but I want to be the best part (in my opinion) of each of them.  So here's what my family got that I didn't.  I would love my dad's work ethic, my oldest brother's drive and determination to achieve his goals, my brother's sheer genius (really I don't understand how he knows everything-didn't study it-it's just always been in his brain!?) and his 100% laid back attitude.  I want to be half as beautiful as my mom- not just physically but her heart never stops giving.  My grandparents, they built a small empire and traveled the world. 

All in all - I'm just a kid- trying to figure it all out.  Some days I go down the right path others I might as well be that 4 year old who wondered out in the corn field and got lost.  But isn't that really what life is- checks and balances- love and loss- (failure really isn't in my vocab soooo) success and defeat- school and life - asking for help- and discovering yourself along the way?

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