Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Who loves sweat pants...this girl.  Not only do I identify myself as a complete sweatpant/hoodie queen, ranging from dress, weekend, spring weather, warm sweats or ah this make my booty looks good sweats.  I have them all.  I'd have to say however, my all time favorites the baggy boyfriend fit from Victoria Secret.  I'm a total addict, my friends had an  Now, some people feel the prettiest in jeans or a formal dress not me- minimal make up and slightly baggy sweats is all I need.  It is an honest form of beauty, I'm not trying to trick you, for once in my life I'm not playing with smoke and mirrors- no illusions necessary.

The funny thing about this ordeal is this. I like really love the concept of fashion and sky high heels then again I don't care to partake in those events daily. Let's be honest for a second, looking top notch takes time and is semi more expensive because fashion is a continually changing.  Last year you had to have these boho chic tops, this year more tailored men's ware, next year it will probably something ridiculous but somehow explodes into a global in point. Leggings.

I thought I'd never go back to leggings, you see young grasshopper, I rocked those leggings as a small child don't believe me- ask my family if it wasn't leggings, it was track suits (can you see a pattern forming?)  Now, I'm curvy; one would expect curvy girls to not wear spandex or super tight pants.  I never thought I could pull this look off until I went abroad to Ireland, virtually everyone wore leggings and owned it.  I don't know why I didn't think of wearing leggings before- they are like sweats or yoga pants rather but you can wear them to nice functions and its totally okay.  Most people think you look stunning with your boots, sweater or longer shirts, and leggings. 

Case in point: I love me some baggy, ridiculously comfy sweatpants/hoodies but don't be surprised if you see me rocking 5 inch heels, colored tights and a dress.  Fashion is suppose to be fun, I gotta partake a little!

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