Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ladies be Pimps Too

I think Katt Williams said it best, "I'm not a pimp because I put women on the streets; I think pimp and therefore I am."

Here's the thing: what qualifies you as a pimp?  Personally, there are so many dimensions of pimping.  For example, you talk to my roommate she'll say I'm a pimp/man eater.  This may or may not be true but the fact of the matter is this: I'm nice and it can be taken the wrong way.  OR I look out for my star f-ing player.  Does this sometimes get me into trouble, yeah probably. 

Honestly though, pimp decisions that's what it comes down.  Getting 3 months of a prescription for the price of 1- ah duh- why wouldn't you do that!  Sometimes I feel women forget that they can be a pimp too!  You don't have to put women on the street to do it, you don't have to lead people on, all you really gotta do...own everything you do and look out for yourself.  If you don't look out for yourself- that's when you get played whether it's by some dumb ass guy or life or karma.  You gotta find that homie hook up and use it to the fullest.  That or really just charm the pants off people or kill them with kindness. Happy Pimpin'

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