Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Karma, does this even exist.  Bad mouth someone, you slip and fail in front of a hottie-instant karma.  Most people are familiar with the concept of karma, now here is the real question, what happened to the good people trying to make a difference that constantly get crapped on by karma and life.

Now logically you think, hmm okay what did they actually do to do deserve this, there has to be a reason right?  In my opinion, no,not never.  Sometimes bad shit happens to really good people.  Myself, in most cases fall into this category-now I'm not saying that I don't ever have a snide comment or glare but for the most part I harnish that chee. (spelling?)

For example, I tried to be on top of my application game, talking to all the right people and guess what..the computer decided it didn't like me and started rejecting my professors submissions.  Are ya kidding me?!  It is the age of computers, how is the system just going to reject submissions and then assume it's my fault? 

Has anyone else experience a slap on the face from karma when they felt they had it all under control or in check?

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