Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 words: Sticky Fingers

Growing up as a child do you remember when you had pancakes or waffles, hands covered in syrup, and in an effort not to spread the sticky goo throughout the house or all over your church clothes, your mom told you to put your hands together like praying hands or straight out in front of you.  Well if not, my mother certainly did.  You see, she has a problem with sticky fingers.  She also has passed this lovely trait down to me..I hate when my hands become sticky...stresses me out.  Forget about eating ribs, bbq underneath your nails. smh, no thanks! 

Just think about it, you got goo on your hands, you touch the table, the tv remote, and the door handle, this is nearly impossible to get rid of especially if you don't notice it right away.  If you let that stuff dry, for get about it, you're done for!  It will be there for at least a week unless you use a hot water bath on that location, Clorox wipes aren't gunna do the trick. 

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