Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello World!

Hello Party People!

Welcome to my very own blog, why did I start a blogging.  The answer is simple very simple...I have A LOT to say and i don't really sleep so what else is there to do at 3 am!  I could study or blog-I think blogging is a better option.  Now some people will prolly try and say that I started blogging to be like my brother.  Lets get this straight right off the bat. My brother is a blogger, he does giveaways (I'm poor so for a while or indefinitely this won't occur), he's sponsored by a company, wins awards, and has a second family a network of people throughout the US.  This for me is purely an outlet.  A way for me to share with you what I did or saw throughout my day that I thought was amusing or to share a part of my crazy life or and probably the real reason to ramble! ha   

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