Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick update!

Sorry haven't updated my blog in a hot minute-school to say the least has been owning my life.  Here's what has happened in the last few weeks that I would like to rant and rave about!
  • I got into the Certificate of Public Health Program at the Univeristy of Colorado-Denver
                Nice, to have a plan for next year however, it was the most screwed up process ever to get all worked out!! Bummer situation of it- I start school June 7th!  Indifferent situation- I'm moving out of FoCo but trying to still work up here this summer.
  • I exceeded my fundraising goal for my half marathon in the memory of my grandmother!!!!
                Yaya, sunny San Diego here I come!  I couldn't ask for such a great support system and everyone that has donated along the way- check out my website:
  • My brother said he would actually run the race with me all 13.1 miles-THANK THE LORD
  • I graduate in a week-ahh scary--is this real gotta watch the video below bahaha

  • My two favorite holidays (Easter & My Birthday!) were on the same day this year