Monday, August 29, 2011

The Merger

This past spring I was in a sports psychology class that required us to put together a creative project that encompassed the material we were learning.  I did a blog, it was fun, talked about a variety of exercise topics, had a song of the day, and even tried to give you a few tips here and there.  Well after the project was over; I found it was hard enough to manage one blog let alone two! 

This is what I decided to do- we are going to merge the two-  I'm going to keep this blog up and running and try and prolly through in a exercise related post here and there.  You should definitely check out my other blog- it was a lot of fun and has some great tips.  Plus you can learn even more about me haha check it out :)  Living Healthy One Step at a Time

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Vacation

This summer I've been taking grad. courses for a certificate of public health sciences. I even got good grades one A and one A-!!  So excited :D This past week I've been on summer vacation and it has felt great, I went to Breckenridge for a friends going away party, lived it up in Denver, Rockies games, pool days, dinner dates w/friends, and relaxing with my mom!  It has been a good week; figured I'd share the fun with you guys. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding Bliss?

I am kind of addicted to chick flicks, wedding shows: Say Yes to the Dress, 4 Weddings, and Who's Wedding is it Anyway? These shows just fascinate me, the amount of money it takes to put on a wedding and how some girls have been dreaming of their wedding since age 3.  Seriously!! Know don't miss understand, I wanna go to Kleinfelds and try on a few pricey dresses.  Although, I was telling my mother when she asked me what kind of dress I would want: " Something that makes me look wicked tiny and will make people's jaw drop....Well, Mom I don't really think I'm getting married anytime soon or ever soo we don't have to worry about that yet haha." Kidding aside I am really happy for my friends and mutual friends who are married or recently engaged but I still can't imagine planning a wedding at age 22.  I got thinking about relationships in general after my most recent chick flick, Something Borrowed ( book by Emily Giffin), I wonder how much truth is involved in the story line. 

Spoiler Alert for the Movie***
  • boy meets girl (both kinda shy/timid)
  • boy and girl like each other but don't realize the other feels the same way
  • girl's best friend nabs boy's attention
  • bestie dates boy for 6 years- get engaged
  • girl and boy have a semi drunken, full emotion hookup
  • girl and boy secretly love each other and play cat/mouse game behind bestie's back
  • bestie cheats on boy with his childhood friend
  • bestie and boy call off wedding
  • bestie got prego from boy's friend yet still kicks her bestie out of her life due to their betrayal
  • boy and girl end up together
Pretty basic right?  On the real side of things- there's always that one person that you always liked that you felt like oh there could have been something but they are out of your league so you don't say anything or they are a good friend and you don't want to risk it.  What if people didn't always walk away when they were scared or nervous?  Would the divorce rate be lower?  Would people actually marry people they loved and had passion for rather than people they felt they had to marry despite their feelings???  Or is this story line not actually realistic and doesn't show in one year when boy and girl start fighting and end their relationship?  Honestly, it makes you wonder-what if!

True or not, all I know is this.  People who are married, congrats on finding the one and working through the tough times. Single people: keep on, getting on.  Love critics (like me): love does exist, marriage can still last forever, just don't rush into it- let it happen.  Think about what you want in life and don't settle. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Made From Scratch...That's Not From a Box

I was in the grocery store last night and it got me thinking...I can remember the first thing my grandmother Dorothy taught me to make- Buttermilk Pancakes.  By the time I was 8 1/2 I could whip up Sunday breakfast without a recipe.  I loved cooking breakfast every week for my grandparents; it brought me so much joy to hear my grandpa chuckle every time my pancakes got less runny or less burnt.  Then she progressed into the harder, but family favorites: kringla, cherry pie, cinnamon rolls, cookies, lemon squares, and my Aunt Donna's carmel brownies (which to this day still don't turn out as good as hers! *Secret ingredient?).

Anyone who knew my grandma knew she was one of the best (pie) bakers in Rolfe; however I did not get this gene.  I'm not saying my stuff tasted like crap; matter of fact I almost had my cherry pie go to the State Fair (throwing up that nerd flag!!)  but there was something missing- I didn't enjoy it. 

Attempt to make a cornmeal peach cake last week.  Others said it was good, I wasn't convinced!

I loved baking with my grandma, spending time with her, learning her tricks of the trade BUT you have to have patience- yet again something God and genetics failed to provide.  I remember making cinnamon rolls with her, you had to:
  • make sure the water was warm enough but not to warm that it killed/denatured the yeast
  • mix the dough
  • knead the dough, keeping the perfect amount of air bubbles, while not over kneading
  • let the bread rise. in the sun; no sun.  well you either didn't even start the process at all (we had to wait a few days once in the middle of winter- soo upset haha) or you used the furnace vent (which didn't occur all that often) for 1-2 hours
  • let the dough chill for about 5 minutes-punch it down
  • let the dough rise for like another 1-2 hours
  • finally add yummy cinnamon-sugar butter mixture, roll into log, cut, shape, place in greased 9x 13 pan-let rise another hour (SERIOUSLY!)
  • YAY the oven is finally involved!  Bake oh but you have to let them cool 15mins before you can frost them and another 5 minutes before you can eat them.  And don't get me started if you want pecan sticky rolls. 
How do people have the patience to do that!  That's like a 6 hour process - granted they taste like heaven in your mouth but still. 

Another thing, everyone tries to take their great-great- grandma's pie crust recipe and make it healthy.  WTF?  You can't do that! It changes the whole taste and composition of the dough- failed truth sometimes when a recipe calls for Crisco you just gotta use it--is this why I will always claim a curvy shape- totally okay with that haha!!

Which again got me thinking it really is a bummer I don't enjoy baking.  One of my favorite smells is my grandparents house after my grandma had been baking (which was an every other day occurrence)  Besides my best friend, Mel, would have a ball- girl loves desserts/sweets and I'm sure my roommates would be frustrated by all the temptations being present but would still love the fact our house smelt bomb. 

Sad truth is- I love to cook but I miss the memory of baking.  I wonder if I'll ever gain the enjoyment and share my grandma's best dishes with others. Only time will tell.
My first Sushi making experience :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

What I learned in College

In 4 years you gain knowledge that is suppose to either prepare you for the job market or further schooling.  Now this is great, and I definitely learned my fair share of useful and useless information but I think I learned more than that.

I learned....that crying doesn't mean you're weak & sharing honest feelings with someone isn't a bad thing.  Gotta let the Great Wall of China fall down stone by stone

...Friends do come and go; the ones that stay become your family!

...Professors do make a difference- shout out to my faves (you know who you are) & thanks for the guidance and advice.

...You don't have to date someone in order for them to break your heart

...When you think your failing a class, there's a curve and it saves your life...literally saves your life

...You discover that you don't have a clue about the world, life, and who you are

...3 words: Quarter. Life. Crisis.

...Stop living your life for other people & put yourself on top priority

...Boys are stuck in the 4th grade
...Looks do matter

...Serenity does come with having guy friends - kinda like my older brothers

...You'll find lifers (lifetime friends, 2am friends) in the least likely of places

...Deception- oh yeah you learn to master that quickly or get eaten alive

...Some of the best memories don't occur at the bars, movies, houses, but in the computer lab, the BSB, and library

 ...You eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper (at 10-11pm just for good measure) or at 2 am either way you eat 4 meals

...Sometimes you just need a drink with a friend

...Networking is key! current roomie & kick ass friend used to be my TA

...Dressing up; haha your kidding right!!

...Witness an array of your friends life events- marriage, kids, acceptance into grad school, death in the family, and cross country moves

...No matter what- people will always amaze and surprise you!

...When people SHOW you who they are- LISTEN.

...Family dinner nights = nights you actually make a complete meal
...Your grade doesn't necessarily reflect what you learned

...If you don't look good on paper, have fun getting the in person interview
....Fear and hurt- drive you to try new things...might end up loving it!

...Timing in life really is important

...Traveling the world does affect your future decisions

...Discover you're a lot stronger than you once thought

...When you accept yourself for who you are--feels pretty damn good

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Some people say that there's nothing better than going home- I would agree.  While I worked hard to not fit every red neck or hick stereotype that goes along with growing up in a small town, I will always be a farmer's daughter from northwest Iowa.  You can't take away my small town Iowa pride and appreciation for hard work and simplistic lifestyles.  I haven't been home since Thanksgiving and I definitely missed my family.  I even talked my friend Bri into road tripping with me; she's never been to Iowa and wasn't quite ready for what it had to offer. 

1st of all: she considers herself a small town..she's from Grand Junction pretty sure the the population is around 150,000-200,000.  Now in Colorado this prolly would be considered a small town indeed, however. In Iowa that's a pretty good size town some would classify it as a city!  Rolfe is rolling 600 deep and Pocahontas has around 1500 (on a good day!)  The town closest to my house has around 50 people and when you Google Earth my house, all that comes up is a green screen.

2nd of all: food, we ate so so much.
  • Ribeye---Check
  • Bacon wrapped fillet---Check
  • New York Strip---Check
  • Pork Chops---Check
  • Sweet Corn---double check
  • Casey's General Store Taco & Bacon Breakfast Pizza---Check
  • Bacon---Check (seeing a pattern form?)
  • Potatoes---Check
  • Strawberries--odd that's healthy!!
I gained a hefty 4-5 pounds Bri (again wasn't prepared for Iowa) gained 7. haha I'm sure we'll lose it quickly!

We spent lots of time just hanging out, going to the pool, spending time with my family and old friends.  We even had morning tea with friends, visited the worlds largest bull, and went to the Templeton Rye Whiskey Distillery.  My cousin got married over the weekend as well, so I got to see most of my family and had a great time!  Here are highlights of our trip.

Sunrise in Nebraska

Everyone Loves Pocahontas

Tea on the porch

My Grandpa's mosquito hat

Dancing w/my Grandpa at the wedding

haha my brother Jonathan and I

Bri and I