Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding Bliss?

I am kind of addicted to chick flicks, wedding shows: Say Yes to the Dress, 4 Weddings, and Who's Wedding is it Anyway? These shows just fascinate me, the amount of money it takes to put on a wedding and how some girls have been dreaming of their wedding since age 3.  Seriously!! Know don't miss understand, I wanna go to Kleinfelds and try on a few pricey dresses.  Although, I was telling my mother when she asked me what kind of dress I would want: " Something that makes me look wicked tiny and will make people's jaw drop....Well, Mom I don't really think I'm getting married anytime soon or ever soo we don't have to worry about that yet haha." Kidding aside I am really happy for my friends and mutual friends who are married or recently engaged but I still can't imagine planning a wedding at age 22.  I got thinking about relationships in general after my most recent chick flick, Something Borrowed ( book by Emily Giffin), I wonder how much truth is involved in the story line. 

Spoiler Alert for the Movie***
  • boy meets girl (both kinda shy/timid)
  • boy and girl like each other but don't realize the other feels the same way
  • girl's best friend nabs boy's attention
  • bestie dates boy for 6 years- get engaged
  • girl and boy have a semi drunken, full emotion hookup
  • girl and boy secretly love each other and play cat/mouse game behind bestie's back
  • bestie cheats on boy with his childhood friend
  • bestie and boy call off wedding
  • bestie got prego from boy's friend yet still kicks her bestie out of her life due to their betrayal
  • boy and girl end up together
Pretty basic right?  On the real side of things- there's always that one person that you always liked that you felt like oh there could have been something but they are out of your league so you don't say anything or they are a good friend and you don't want to risk it.  What if people didn't always walk away when they were scared or nervous?  Would the divorce rate be lower?  Would people actually marry people they loved and had passion for rather than people they felt they had to marry despite their feelings???  Or is this story line not actually realistic and doesn't show in one year when boy and girl start fighting and end their relationship?  Honestly, it makes you wonder-what if!

True or not, all I know is this.  People who are married, congrats on finding the one and working through the tough times. Single people: keep on, getting on.  Love critics (like me): love does exist, marriage can still last forever, just don't rush into it- let it happen.  Think about what you want in life and don't settle. 

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