Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Some people say that there's nothing better than going home- I would agree.  While I worked hard to not fit every red neck or hick stereotype that goes along with growing up in a small town, I will always be a farmer's daughter from northwest Iowa.  You can't take away my small town Iowa pride and appreciation for hard work and simplistic lifestyles.  I haven't been home since Thanksgiving and I definitely missed my family.  I even talked my friend Bri into road tripping with me; she's never been to Iowa and wasn't quite ready for what it had to offer. 

1st of all: she considers herself a small town..she's from Grand Junction pretty sure the the population is around 150,000-200,000.  Now in Colorado this prolly would be considered a small town indeed, however. In Iowa that's a pretty good size town some would classify it as a city!  Rolfe is rolling 600 deep and Pocahontas has around 1500 (on a good day!)  The town closest to my house has around 50 people and when you Google Earth my house, all that comes up is a green screen.

2nd of all: food, we ate so so much.
  • Ribeye---Check
  • Bacon wrapped fillet---Check
  • New York Strip---Check
  • Pork Chops---Check
  • Sweet Corn---double check
  • Casey's General Store Taco & Bacon Breakfast Pizza---Check
  • Bacon---Check (seeing a pattern form?)
  • Potatoes---Check
  • Strawberries--odd that's healthy!!
I gained a hefty 4-5 pounds Bri (again wasn't prepared for Iowa) gained 7. haha I'm sure we'll lose it quickly!

We spent lots of time just hanging out, going to the pool, spending time with my family and old friends.  We even had morning tea with friends, visited the worlds largest bull, and went to the Templeton Rye Whiskey Distillery.  My cousin got married over the weekend as well, so I got to see most of my family and had a great time!  Here are highlights of our trip.

Sunrise in Nebraska

Everyone Loves Pocahontas

Tea on the porch

My Grandpa's mosquito hat

Dancing w/my Grandpa at the wedding

haha my brother Jonathan and I

Bri and I

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