Friday, July 15, 2011

Raygun Shirts

Old habits die hard: eating your feelings or out of boredom, being a sun lover, poppin bottles while you bottle your emotions, exercising, really whatever your habit, it's hard to kick it!  Mine, I like love, am obsessed with graphic t-shirts especially shirts that have some smart ass remark on them or make you smirk--enter SMASH Raygun.  Raygun shirts are from Des Moines, Iowa; they screen print all of their designs on comfy American Appeal shirts and sell pretty much everything else that a boutique would have.  These shirts are awesome, classy tasteful one of a kind! If you are from the Iowa or the Midwest they will be that much better.  Thanks to their website here a few of my personal favorites to see more go to their website!
Another great thing about Raygun- shirts aren't outrageously expensive; most T's are $19!

So wrong, but So true!!

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