Monday, July 11, 2011

Holy Baby!

Now there have been some big babies, 10 lbs pushing the 11 lb marker--but 16 pounds!!!  On the Today Show the feature story was a 16 lb baby born in Texas!  16 pounds= a horse, a lineman, fricken huge kid an average 7 month baby.

Here's my thing; I've known some people who were born kicking and screaming at the 11 pound range and now they are hella skinny, perfectly healthy kids.  Let's be honest though for a second, what is this child's risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, or some other type of chronic illness!  He's already so big at such a young age; are his organs also over developed to support him?

This face pretty much sums
up what I'm thinking.  Things that
make you go hmm?
On a side note:  What do you think the odds of her having a 4th child who is even bigger than this one?  The mother mentioned she had big babies in the past but was expecting a 12-13 pounder. 

For the full story via Today Show check out the link!

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