Thursday, July 7, 2011

24 Hour Fitness

I've gone to a few different gyms throughout my short 22 years of life; every gym has its pros and cons.  24 Hour Fitness is no exception to this rule. 

  • Open 24/7
  • Pool/Steam room/Sauna Open 24/7 (you'd be surprised that some 24 hr gyms close these at 10pm..WTF?)
  • Free Fitness Classes including yoga, Pilates, boot camp, and some even have hip hop
  • Semi Hottie Trainers
  • Lack of stretching/abdominal work space
  • Not a single WoodWay Treadmill
  • Hip hop class not so great if you want to be challenged or may feel like you can't bust a move to the fullest for fear of judgement*
  • How Freaking Hot is in the there...Feel like a whore in church on $2 Tuesday!
1st things 1st.. WOODWAY Treadmills God's gift to the inside runner especially for those long runs!  Not joking, I tripped and fell of the back of one and still got up like a champ and continued to run.  WHY?! Because their patent rubberized belt lowered the impact on my body?  Manly for pride but you'll get my point in the following reasons.

Here's the specs
  1.  Rubberized tread averages up to 200,000 miles of use without a single belt replacement
  2.  Low-friction transportation system completely eliminates the deck
  3.  Less maintenance and reduced operating costs compared to conventional treadmills
  4.  Due to the rubberized tread- joins absorb energy during impact getting rid of the stress/shock on joints & connective tissue
  5. Great for people with Arthritis, prone to shine splints, & helped me manage my pain level during my half marathon training! 
  6. Check out a list of full benefits here!
It's worth the investment! Less maintenance, less energy consumption, makes working out more comfortable = higher memberships sold! 

2nd- Can we get some A/C in this bitch!!!

It's a known fact that I'm a sweater, I don't glisten or whatever that crap your girlfriend tries to sell you when its 100 degrees out and her makeup is melting off her face.  Working out = sweating.  However, I should not be dripping sweat after my 5 minute warm up (I'm not obese, I'm in okay shape, inappropriate). 

As a marketing standpoint, I get it- it's no different than what our high school athletic director did during winter sports- paid off the other teams turned up the furnace!  The warmer environment makes a person tired, increases sweating thus increases dehydration, & makes a person think they are working extra hard.  
In an effort to trick the average person into believing they are getting a top notch workout you raise the temp. on you A/C unit - here's a tip. 
                    Not kidding, I feel like I get heat stroke every time I'm there!

After my workout, so not impressed- feeling like death & dizzy. Awesome!
If you actually turned down the temp. these would be the consequences:
  1. less people walking around half naked- damn I know
  2. people would burn more calories b/c it takes your body more energy to warm up the air temp. to core body temp
  3. gym wouldn't reek like your brother's car after he left his wrestling gym bag in a hot car for 2 weeks
  4. decrease bacterial growth & the chances of people spreading illness
  5. would be half as humid in that bitch
  6. people might buy more PT sessions to get to the point of dripping sweat that they used to achieve
Increase my monthly fees by 5 bucks, turn on the A/C and get yourself a WOODWAY.  Hell WOODWAY's would alone increase your membership enrollments because very few gyms have them! 

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