Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Evolution

Music and artists evolve all the time makes you wonder why?  In the past few songs or collaborations Eminem has done, I couldn't help but to think what he throws down on tracks has changed.  I never thought I'd see the day when he worked with Rihanna and definitely Bruno Mars?!?

Eminem's album Marshall Mathers LP lyrics were intense, cruder, wittier, harder, soul-bearing and more shocking than his previous albums.  He didn't soften his voice to stay popular or to become a bigger success story- he let the world what he thought/felt and got scrutinized for it.

He recently got clean, took some time off and his album Relapse and Recovery are a new breath of fresh air if you will.  Still speaking his mind but it is less crude and in your face way.  So what changed?
  • Drugs, alcohol = sharp tongue & don't give a damn attitude? *
  • Finally come to turns with his crazy mother?
  • Kim (ex-wifey) outta his life for good?
  • Didn't have to prove himself as an artist anymore?
I think either way you look at things you can't help but notice the change in his lyrics.

Marshall Mathers LP song:

From Relapse album:

Either way I'm a fan, just really makes you wonder how an artist takes their journey and conveys it to the public- is it all a show?  Perhaps, but at the end of the day they are people who battle life everyday just like we do. He's not the only one, compare some of Rihanna's new stuff to her old or really most artists for that matter!

New collaboration with Bruno Mars

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