Monday, August 8, 2011

What I learned in College

In 4 years you gain knowledge that is suppose to either prepare you for the job market or further schooling.  Now this is great, and I definitely learned my fair share of useful and useless information but I think I learned more than that.

I learned....that crying doesn't mean you're weak & sharing honest feelings with someone isn't a bad thing.  Gotta let the Great Wall of China fall down stone by stone

...Friends do come and go; the ones that stay become your family!

...Professors do make a difference- shout out to my faves (you know who you are) & thanks for the guidance and advice.

...You don't have to date someone in order for them to break your heart

...When you think your failing a class, there's a curve and it saves your life...literally saves your life

...You discover that you don't have a clue about the world, life, and who you are

...3 words: Quarter. Life. Crisis.

...Stop living your life for other people & put yourself on top priority

...Boys are stuck in the 4th grade
...Looks do matter

...Serenity does come with having guy friends - kinda like my older brothers

...You'll find lifers (lifetime friends, 2am friends) in the least likely of places

...Deception- oh yeah you learn to master that quickly or get eaten alive

...Some of the best memories don't occur at the bars, movies, houses, but in the computer lab, the BSB, and library

 ...You eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper (at 10-11pm just for good measure) or at 2 am either way you eat 4 meals

...Sometimes you just need a drink with a friend

...Networking is key! current roomie & kick ass friend used to be my TA

...Dressing up; haha your kidding right!!

...Witness an array of your friends life events- marriage, kids, acceptance into grad school, death in the family, and cross country moves

...No matter what- people will always amaze and surprise you!

...When people SHOW you who they are- LISTEN.

...Family dinner nights = nights you actually make a complete meal
...Your grade doesn't necessarily reflect what you learned

...If you don't look good on paper, have fun getting the in person interview
....Fear and hurt- drive you to try new things...might end up loving it!

...Timing in life really is important

...Traveling the world does affect your future decisions

...Discover you're a lot stronger than you once thought

...When you accept yourself for who you are--feels pretty damn good

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  1. Thought I'd actually comment on the blog itself :) LOVED all your thoughts :) Hope you see you soon pretty lady! :)