Monday, January 23, 2012

How easy it is to forget...

I'll admit it; I slipped up on the fitness aspect of my life.  I got sucked into the holidays, finals craziness, being sick, and traveling which meant working out was.not.a.priority.  I regret this decision.  Why? I gained a few lbs. I forgot how much work getting back into shape was (not that I was in shape to begin with haha).  Most importantly, I forgot my pain that is associated with exercising and getting into shape.  I forgot that lovely depression stage in the cycle of chronic pain, that you feel wicked depressed but you aren't sure why.  Let me tell you something...I remember now.

This past week has been a struggle, filled with pain, a few tears (hate to admit that one!), sleeping more than is appropriate, slight isolation, and transitions.  I can't change the constant battle I have with my body and while my body is slowly resetting itself to once again handle the stress I put it under to be active and live my life; I will be resetting my way of thinking.  It's gunna be a slow process folks but as a dear friend told me, "You can't keep giving up on yourself and your body when you feel defeated or get owned by something... You have to keep believing in yourself and trying different things."

One day at a time...

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