Thursday, October 20, 2011

Social Butterfly

It has been said that I'm a social butterfly, flying between cliques, making friends where ever I go.  I don't believe I've ever denied that statement, then again, I don't think I've ever admitted how much I crave human interaction.  It's true I love socializing with people, learning about them, bullshitting, being sarcastic (some would say mine needs to get toned down at times), and being part of a group.  I have my quiet moments, hours, even days.  To tell you the truth, sometimes I feel as if I don't say much of anything then have a social explosion and just won't shut up!  Those are the times when I know I lacked human interaction but that's where it ended.  It was just a thought, nothing more, until last night.   
*Not me as a child, but I'm pretty sure this is a picture I would have taken given the opportunity. 
I prolly woulda yelled, "Hey, look at me!  I'm a butterfly, I can fly!"  Yea I was that kid! lol

Since moving to Denver, my life really has changed, some for the good, others for the worse.  Instead of never being home and always rushing from place to place; I'm always home and have loads of free time.  When you are super busy all you want is down time, wishing you had all the time in the world.  Then you get it and (if you're like me) don't know what to do with it! 

Yesterday was one of those days that really makes you stop and think.  What happened?  I experienced my old lifestyle; my old hectic, slightly everywhere life.  My typical Wednesday consists of going to class, coming home, hanging out, volunteering for a few hours, followed by some gym time.  Pretty laid back, nothing special, but lacks....socializing.  Yesterday went like this, keep in mind I didn't have a lot of time between these events: class, lunch at home, volunteered, happy hour with classmates, dinner fat kid feast with one of my best friends, and ended the night sitting in my car just listening to music.  It was brilliant, I was out of my house, I was busy, I felt important, I got to meet some cool people, I got to catch up with my friend. 

I never processed how much of a social butterfly I was until last night; how much I needed human interaction and being busy made me happy.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hanging out at home, watching tv/movies, and the fact I have more time to cook.  But truthfully I'm good with twice a week!  I mean that's why Saturday and Sunday exist, right?

Have you ever re-experienced the life you used to have and missed it or experienced the life you thought you never wanted and loved it?

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