Thursday, October 6, 2011

Money, Money, Money, Saving money!

FACT: I love saving money.

I try and dabble in couponing now and again.  I would love to be those crazy coupon ladies at the store with their 6 shopping carts; books of coupons, stock piles, and stealing their neighbors Sunday papers.  But lets face it, I don't have the room to have stock piles, I'd probably be tippin the teledos at 250lbs (food warms the cracks of my soul & cooking for others fulfills a need to be needed haha), and more importantly I don't understand the math behind it to get paid to take things out of the store.

With that being said, I am so very happy to say the last time I went shopping for more than fruit and veggies I saved big.  How big.  Big.  I went to my neighborhood Safeway, had one paper coupon, it was a Wednesday and I noticed a lot of BOGO items.  I nabbed some things then rushed home to see if my unreliable mail man came yet (seriously I think our post man is having an affair with someone on our route; some days no mail, some days at 2:30pm, others 9 pm??).  I tore through the paper aids got me some nice additional coupons and went back to the store on Thursday. 

How did I make out?  Well let me tell you!
This just makes me smile!

Wednesday: spent $34.53 saved $15.47 31% savings
Thursday: spent $24.40 saved $18.81 44% savings
Grand total: spent $58.93 saved $34.28!!!

BOMB!! I felt like the biggest housewife going up and down every isle and really think if it was a good deal and different meals I could make with it.  Totally worth it though!  I saved so much money and haven't had to buy anything besides almond milk, fruit, and fresh veggies the past month. 

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