Friday, November 18, 2011

I adore Regis Philbin

Today was Regis Philbin's last show on morning television.  The audience was filled with top ranked celebrities, Donald Trump even showed up to the final show.  Regis received the key to New York City from the major and watched several tribute clips.  My favorite was by far 995, 600 minutes that the producers wrote and the cast of RENT performed.  Regis has spend almost a million minutes on air with us every single morning, entertaining us with his laughter, out of control enthusiasm, and making people feel as if they were special and could really do anything they wanted.  My second favorite clip was Being Regis!  all of the many impressions celebrities have of him- it was hilarious.  The hand gestures, the voice, the charismatic personality it was all on point! 

I remember growing up with Regis; I loved days where I stayed home and watched him and Kathy Lee in the mornings and then Regis and Kelly.  No matter how sick I was, bummed to be snowed in, or just not happy about being up early- Regis always made me smile and chuckle!  Do you remember when Regis was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? wearing silky ties against dark shirts and then a couple months later, silky bright colored ties were all the rage?  I do; the man is a true icon.  Positivity, charm, character, loving, and most of all - he really seems to care about those around him and loves what he did for almost 50 years. 

I hope you had a chance to watch his final show.  If not, wait  awhile and YouTube it; you won't be disappointed!  All I know is whoever they get to replace him has very large shoes to fill, but I'm they will end up warming America's hearts every morning just as Regis did.  I wish I could find a clip of the song 995,600 minutes but I'm assuming no one has posted it yet so I'll leave you with another song the show used to express our (the fans) love for Regis over the years....enjoy. 

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