Thursday, May 9, 2013

Everything's happen for a reason, right?

April 24th was my Golden Birthday - which means I turned 24 on the 24th (your age and date of birth match!)  This was also the day I got into a minor car accident with my mom.  The short story is we spent the day in the ER, mom is doing well, and I get to deal with the joys of traffic court, insurance companies, and personal injury.

To say the past week or so of bottled up thoughts and emotions is a whirlwind would be an little bit of an understatement.  I have almost become emotionally numb (key word almost) to the fact that my body took a beating and I more or less am starting over in my recovery journey.  My hips were pushed out of alignment and my shoulders/upper back are a mess.

Good news, the accident didn't disrupt or harm anything relating to my TOS surgery!!!
Bad news, they think I tore my rotator cuff and need to see a specialist.

I am mentally prepared for the worst and even have it mapped out in my brain how it would work.  MRI next week, surgery this summer, additional physical therapy on top of my TOS recovery schedule, continued no physical activity/strenuous activity for another 6 months.

I keep thinking everything happens for a reason and wonder what this reasoning is.  I keep thinking what am I supposed to learn from this or how will I use this new journey in my life.  I may be getting a head of myself but my heart says I have a complete tear based on feeling.  My brain says the same thing but based on my mobility limitations, extreme weakness, tingling, and poor tracking or the grinding/popping of the joint when I do move my arm.

Hopefully, things really do happen for a reason and although this is negative it can become a positive and meaningful experience.


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  1. Being in an accident is the worst experience one could have in his/her life. But let me give you my two cents -- the accident made you only stronger. And surviving the accident is something to be thankful for, don't you think? And hopefully, everything else will fall into place - traffic court, insurance companies, and personal injury case.

    Allan @