Saturday, January 26, 2013

Romance in the long term

Romance to me is a funny thing. Especially if you look at it by generation. I'll admit it I'm kinda old school. Blame it on being jaded, very jaded or spending almost everyday with my grandparents; there is just something different the way generations do things.  It is a 2-way street ladies- what do you do for your man? or maybe romance is relative to the relationship and those involved....5 love languages anyone? Or maybe I just don't understand because:

  • I don't live with my boyfriend
  • Have hardly dated
  • My current boyfriend saw me in the surgery...saw 7 inch drainage tubes taken out of my back (twice)...dealt with my alligator tears and all my fears of surgery...BEFORE we started dating 

What sparked these thoughts - the Chris Miller Show.

Soooo, I was listening to my friend Chris's radio/internet talk show a few weeks ago (check out some of his archives and website  you'll be glad you did) not only did laugh but it really got me thinking. They got on the topic (more or less) of how do you keep the romance alive in a relationship after you have moved in or have just been together long enough to see the other person's grossness, keep the mystery.

I'm a curious person and asked around. These were the responses that most stood out:

- really Christine, why are you asking me this?... duh, sex
- the grossness doesn't matter, you accept them for being human for being themselves, do little things for each other
- you always need to have a finger on the pulse of the relationship, ask the other person what they need, and have regular date nights
- my cheesy June Clever answer- clean all dolled up and in heels...oh TV Land haha
- recognize when the other person is really making an effort
- act like strangers in a public place, meeting for the 1st time
- takes 2 to make or break a relationship, romance isn't one sided

This is basically what I got out of it.
You're gross, they're gross, recognize that you both are human and do little things for each other along the way, whether it is beer and wings, flowers, showering regularly or working a little harder to hide your grossness, oh and the obvious matters... intimacy 

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