Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm sorry I neglected you...

As usual, I tend to disappear, go into hiding during times of stress and during my breaks from school. why? because I have nothing positive, profound, or even entertaining to say. So here is a quick update

  • I'm alive
  • My recovery took a digger (setback) 
  • Passed my classes with almost straight A's damn you A- (overachiever, high standards, blah, blah...)
  • I've been spending time with family and friends to get my mind right
  • Visited Iowa, Colorado Springs, and Arizona
  • Supporting my friends via Internet a lot lately - free & random pick me up ...take a'll thank me later...
  • Adjusting to 2 male roommates flatmates housemates
  • Transiting my house from college to grownup 
  • Finalizing my new year resolutions...more info to come...
  • Check out my newest blog, planning on updating it now and again with updated TOS news, preventative items, PT/comfort tricks.  Please feel free to share this URL with anyone that may find it useful or struggling with TOS

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