Monday, February 20, 2012

Sauna Etiquette

My two guy friends and myself usually go to the gym, do our own respected workouts then go sit in the sauna together.  I understand that there will always be that one person that messes up on the sauna etiquette (in my mind)  You know that guy that's trying to pick a fight with you over useless current events or hitting on you. 

Haha, yep seems about right...

Yesterday evening was not an exception to this idea.  Last night, my buddies and I go into the sauna and sure enough here comes the weirdo, who farmer blew his nose, put his grimy hands on the seat & magazine he was reading...all proceeding to rub his stomach and chest.  What?  Why are you sitting 1. super close to me and 2. awkwardly rubbing yourself.  Excuse me, sir, you are not in here alone!
As I was sitting there trying not to gage, I thought of a few Sauna Etiquette rules that need to be posted on the door as you walk in.

  1. Chatting is okay, yelling is not.
  2. Don't sweat/sneeze/cough on the person next to you
  3. Avoid staring at people's bodies - they notice; don't be a creep!
  4. Just start a conversation if you want- again don't awkwardly stare
  5. If you start to get dizzy or have a hard time breathing- Get OUT
I remember when I was studying abroad in Ireland at the student rec center or should I say room.  The thing was tiny but they had a really great sign as you walked in of the rules.  Basically, it said to wear clothes, don't smell, don't hit on/oogle over other people in the gym, and don't steal anything.  Of course it said this in a very Irish, funny way.  Once again interactions at the gym crack me up!

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